“My complements to the E-learning designer for an excellent integration of video, text and easy navigation. I am impressed with both the quality of the information and the effective and engaging use of technology used to convey the information.”

~ Bryan Fields, GEF Course Participant


“I am highly appreciative of GEF's mission and diverse course offerings. I am confident that supplementing my knowledge with the Institute’s courses will truly help me to succeed as an effective sustainability educator in my community.”

~Shirley Bednarski, Sustainable Earth Education and Development (SEED);
GEF Institute Pilot Participant


“Having a professional certificate in sustainability education would help me promote the concept at a professional level amongst my colleagues.”

For Higher Education

College StudentsThe Institute's online courses offer an engaging introduction to the sustainability concepts critical to success in the workplace.

Distinguish yourself with a professional certificate

In a competitive global economy, the Institute's Certificates in Sustainability Concepts denote your expertise in, and commitment to, important sustainability topics. The only certificates in sustainability, each is comprised of online, on-demand education that provides big picture analysis and local application of important concepts to foster awareness and enthusiasm for sustainability. Give your resume a boost!

Not your average online course

GEF Institute's unique online delivery format engages you in learning while inspiring positive action. From rich video narrations to pre and post assessments, to eye-catching graphics, all of the Institute's online courses are designed to captivate the audience while conveying comprehensive introductions to sustainability concepts. Online courses are offered on-demand and range from 1.5 hours and 15 hours. Academic credit is available for eligible courses. 

To learn more about GEF Institute's offerings, please explore our website and browse the course catalog