"The content was well thought through and was a good introduction to sustainability."

“…your webinar was super informative, well-produced, and probably one of the most interesting I’ve been invited to attend recently, so congrats on that! Also, the way that your team used the time to survey us while we were learning, meant that ultimately we were learning about ourselves. That’s a very unique way to approach things and it was well done.”

"Excellent session." - Director of Sustainability, Sustainability Apprentice workshop participant

"I have never seen a course on moodle as nice as this! Very nice to work with visually."

"I was impressed with the course description and now I am also impressed with the technical management of this course. I am looking forward to the interactions with other on-line learners over the next several weeks."

"The videos are fabulous and just the right length. The questions and material are thought provoking and thus effective. I do not see the time go by when I am working on these units. For my first on-line course, I can say that if I was skeptical in the past about ion-line courses, when done right, as this one is, it is an amazing experience. I really like the tone of the videos and the narrative materials."

"The mix of media makes the course engaging and much better than others I have taken. So far an excellent introduction to sustainability."

"My complements to the Elearning designer for an excellent integration of video and text and easy navigation. " 

"Glad to be a part of such a great opportunity! This course is EXACTLY what I need right now. The concepts and lesson planning tools I learn from this course will enable me to build in sustainability and agro ecology into my total program philosophy."

"I am hooked on this course and once I get started on a unit time just flies!" 

'I find this course so engrossing that I often do not see time fly by and suddenly I realize I have been working on it for 3 hours! I also had hesitations about on-line courses in general, but now I am "sold"' 

"In my experience, it is much more engaging and well organized than other online courses I have taken; I'm not usually a fan)."

"This is a great course that I am so grateful to be part of. Thank you all for all the hard work you have put into it!"

"I think these units are terrific--I can't wait to incorporate these ideas into my already green classroom."

"The learning plan was very helpful and could easily be implemented in the classroom. It could also be used as a CTSO project (Career and Technical Student Organization) as a division-wide project."

"I teach some beginning Natural Resources concepts at our high school, and am really looking forward to learning more about the topic, as well as how to take and teach online courses. This is the way our district is going, and it is a matter of survival for CTE teachers, we don't qualify for tenure or seniority which forces us to think outside the box. I'm really excited!"

"I would agree that this course was a model for online courses. I really liked the embedded videos and responses to what we viewed and read. It's a good example of how we can, and should, engage our students."

"I'm taking this course in hopes that it will provide me with further information to add to a possible dissertation topic. I am interested in the link between teachers' level of environmental literacy and their willingness to integrate sustainability into their classrooms."

"There's always a lot to learn, and this field is new enough that I am grateful for some guidance in how to approach it in the classroom."

"There is a big movement in our district regarding sustainability and STEM. It will be an exciting challenge to integrate both of these concepts into the curriculum. Taking this course is my attempt to gain a better understanding of sustainability and to see how it is being used by other educators, business leaders, scientists, and politicians." 

"I liked the way the connection was made between poetry (literature) and the sciences. It wasn't overloaded with technical science information and I found a few things that I can furthur explore on my own."

"The websites provided were very valuable resources. Allowing and encouraging their use on our own allowed us to spend time on topics that were particularly relevant to us, while still learning within a specific framework."

"My team really liked the combination of text, pictures and video, too." - John Mourand, Director of Sustainability, Briggs and Stratton

"Interactivity and examples are great!" - Corporate Green Team Leader, Sustainability Apprentice workshop participant

"The open-ended questions were good for provoking thoughts (and perhaps discussion if one were doing this course with a group)." 

"Looking forward to taking the next level" - Corporate Green Team Leader, Sustainability Apprentice workshop participant