Classroom and Blended Learning Courses


Classroom 2GEF Institute’s classroom-based and blended learning curriculum educates high school students on green building attributes and benefits, providing them with the educational resources necessary to understand, identify, and improve environmental inefficiencies within their own school building. Key topics include sustainable sites, water and energy efficiency, and environmental quality as they relate to building construction, operation and maintenance.

The capstone project for those opting for a semester or year long course is a school-wide audit in which students make recommendations for effective changes necessary to upgrade interiors, energy and water systems, and site and landscapes to accommodate for green efficiencies. Students will be instructed to prioritize areas for enhanced efficiencies and recommend improvements based upon the greatest need/ROI. Students will research how and where to request funding (from government sources, etc.) to help offset costs of upgrades.

Each course unit is roughly 30 hours, including time for homework. Multiple units can be combined to create a custom green building program of study. 

Who Should Use GEF Institute's Classroom and Blended Learning Units?

Educators with all levels of knowledge in sustainability and sustainability teaching methods will find that the fully scripted curricula provide an innovative approach to teaching STEM concepts in context with important sustainability topics. Materials are designed for career tech schools, traditional middle and high schools or colleges interested in educating students on important green building concepts that will fuel their success in higher education or in green careers. It is recommended that classrooms participating in the blended learning version are equipped with smart boards, projectors, computers or e-tablets for optimal viewing. Handouts and other materials can be downloaded or printed as needed. Classrooms without internet access or other technology can participate fully in this curriculum.

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