Advanced Concepts in Sustainability

Course Description

This self-paced, 10.5-hour online course is designed to equip students with a strong foundational knowledge of sustainability and the balance between environmental, social, and economic systems. The materials provide students with a thorough expansion on sustainability topics such as ecosystems, energy and water challenges, life-cycle analysis, new technology, and climate change science. The course incorporates hands-on activities, online modules, discussion forums, and dynamic instruction methods.


This course meets part of the requirement to earn the Sustainability Fellow Certificate. To earn the certificate you must also complete Introduction to Sustainability: Its Purposes, Challenges and Requirements and the Core Concepts in Sustainability course. By completing all the requirements to earn the Fellow Certificate you are eligible to earn professional development or academic credit from the Institute's partnering university.

$ 12.97 for 1 year student license*
$ 16.97 for 6 year student license*

*In e-Text and Online Course Formats 


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