Blueprint for Sustainability Literacy


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GEF Institute’s Blueprint for Sustainability Literacy is a comprehensive and easy-to-use guide for integrating sustainability into existing K-12 coursework. With the growth in green jobs outpacing that of all others combined, it’s becoming increasingly important to educate students on core topics of sustainability. Additionally, with anthropogenic activities increasing the rate of environmental degradation and jeopardizing the well-being of communities worldwide it is critical to educate young students about their social responsibility towards efficiently managing their resources. The Institute’s Blueprint aims to provide a successful path for instructors to integrate core sustainability concepts into they are already teaching by using ready-made teaching tools and guidelines.

How it Works

The Blueprint is an instrumental resource for educators of all grades looking to teach and learn sustainability concepts. By extracting some of the main topics covered in National and Common Core standards in Science, English-Language-Arts and Social Studies, the Blueprint aims to provide educators with a holistic knowledge of sustainability and its incorporation into material they’re already familiar with. GEF provides teachers with all the resources with which they can integrate this knowledge into their existing course load.

The Blueprint outlines significant concepts in National and Core standards, a brief description of how sustainability can be integrated into these concepts across all grades, and resources, such as GEF lessons and learning content, that instructors can use to teach these topics.

The Blueprint offers a unique and easy way for teachers to educate their students (and themselves) on sustainability, without increasing class time or creating new material.


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Examples from the Blueprint

Click for overview of national and common core sustainability connections for K-12 Science

Click for sample of Climate Change and Earth Systems sustainability connections and lessons for K-12 Science

Click for overview of national and common core sustainability connections for K-12 Social Studies and ELA

Click for sample of Research sustainability connections and lessons for high school ELA